Rus 'writes' 'learning' materials

OK, why the inverted commas?

> 'writes'- some of the stuff isn't written - it is spoken or drawn.

> 'learning' - it is designed for people to pull rather than for a training department to push - in line with the 70:20:10 principle.

Rus writes bespoke content for curated knowledge management systems. He has done this for a major UK bank and a technology company.  This requires a different skill set to writing 'normal' training material- it has to be very bitesize, targeted to solve the reader's problem and searchable. In short Just in time. Just enough. Just for me.  

Rus creates 'whiteboard animations'- he has scripted, voiced-over and produced short films to effectively explain...


-performance management models

-employee engagement

-in-house processes


and numerous other messages.

Rus is one of the original Subject Matter Authors on Alchemy- he has written seven topics in the brilliant Alchemy format for subscribers to access at the point of need.

Rus writes podcasts for organisations- some of these have been more 'communication' messages and some have been 'motivational' statements from senior executives. Some have been audio 'how-to' guides that people can use to upskill themselves.  

Rus writes video scripts and improvisation instructions to help guide learning videos to show the messages and or behaviours desired. Rus has worked with professional actors and staff members to help them to produce great learning video resources.

Rus scripts and produces learning videos using PowerPoint...the still shown here is from 'How to avoid turning PowerPoint into a deadly weapon'. Rus either records a voice-over or uses a music background and puts the written messages in the visuals according the needs of the client.

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