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Rus has written nine business books, with several major publishers worldwide. They are available "from all good bookshops" as well as online. If you click on the cover image it will take you to a place online where you can buy or preview the title

Rus wrote 'Leadership Genius' to bring a bit more science to the art of leadership. He summarises 40 scientific studies into topics of value to managers and leaders everywhere. He then suggests actions the reader can take to gain maximum benefit from the studies' findings.

One of a series of books building on the famous TV show. Rus aims this book at the new entrepreneur setting up for the first time. It covers the basics of starting your business and draws from Dragons' Den success stories as case studies.

'Getting Things Done' is the first of Rus's Business Secrets books for Harper Collins. Rus set out to capture the best in simple 'time-management' tips, many based on his experience as a Time Management trainer . The book offers 50 ways to be more productive and get more done. 

Part of Hodder & Stoughton's internationally successful 'Teach Yourself' series, Rus packed 'The Management Coach' with interactive exercises and self-assessment tools to help experienced and aspiring managers to develop their skills.

Pearson Education publish 'Be Your Own Career Coach'. Rus based it in his many years experience of successfully helping people to land the job or career of their dreams. Filled with both advice and thought provoking questions it helps you to help yourself to the future you deserve.

'People Management Secrets' is the second of Rus's Business Secrets books. A great complement to 'Team Management Secrets' in this book Rus helps you to get the most out of your management of people who don't necessarily report to you.

In 'Be a Better Manager in a Week" Rus takes you through a journey of sequential activities to hone your skills. From understanding what being a manager means to getting noticed as a potential leader. From calculating your team's value to helping your people enjoy their work. Simples! 

In 'Team Management Secrets' Rus does 'what it says on the tin'. He provides 50 proven tips for a manager to use to build, grow and nurture their team. The book includes help to manage tensions effectively and how to survive major changes to your team's make-up.

In 'Communication for International Business' Rus addresses the cultural and practical challenges of communicating effectively with people who either don't speak the same (first) language as you and/or are on the other side of the world. These are challenges that affect more of us every day.

Rus writes for social readers

Rus wrote this book in collaboration with the subject- Bernard Ross has led a life that is certainly less ordinary and the book is a fascinating window into a life, and a Britain, the like of which will never be seen again!

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